This website presents different subliminal examples that we can find in ads, logo, bill and so on. I like the fact that it is not focused on only one subject because it underlines that we can find subliminal images anywhere. There is a little introduction to subliminal images before showing examples but I think this one could be improved because it is a little bit superficial. About the images, the way it is presented is smart because there is the subliminal image and if we don’t see very well, it is cut in a way we can focus on the subliminal message. As we can see in the image above, an old advertisement that inversed is an hidden sexual message. However, I think that sometimes, it cannot be considered as subliminal images. For instance, the image of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is not a real subliminal image. Indeed, death’s head are often represented with two bones behind it and that is not referencing to Mickey Mouse, the image of Disney.

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