Subliminal images in Disney cartoon are here considered in a critical point of view.

As a table of content, the first page presents the subliminal images title classified in categories : true, false or undetermined.Clicking on the title of your choice brings you to another page in which the subliminal aspect is described according to its veracity, or not. It is very well presented with the illustration and a text that explains all you have to know about the origins of the subliminal images or the myth.

As an example, the fact that a phallus is reprensented in the castle of the litlle mermaid is denied. In fact, it is jsut the priest’s knee. On the contrary, other subliminal images are confirmed such as the photo of a topless woman appearing in “The Rescuers”.

I really take pleasure to read this website because it is clearly organized and the author does not hesitate to deny some false ideas about subliminal images.


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