The Straight Dope


This website focuses on subliminal images in Disney cartoon.  The first subliminal images in Disney Cartoons were introduced by authors who wanted to have their names engraved in the movie. Later, some sexual references appeared.

There are no images but only texts in this website. It is hard to see the images when you don’t know it… But if you went before to a website with the images, you will better understand and the explanation are very interesting because there are researches behind these. Indeed, the author doesn’t only explain what we see in the images but also gives a critical point of view and do not hesitate to deny some false informations and received ideas. The subliminal images are categorized in such a way the audience can distinguish what was intentionally put in, but unauthorized by the producer, what was intentionally put in by the producer; and things that only people who wear tinfoil hats can see.

It is interesting to see that sometimes debates about subliminal images have no need to be. For example in ‘Aladin’, it was complety invented that he says “Good teenagers take off their clothes.”

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