This website deals with subliminal images that we can find in Disney cartoon particularly. We find similar images to some previous website but I discovered some new images that are more comtemporary than in the other website. For instance, the subliminal images found in “Tangled”. Images are well explained and we can easily see the hidden messages thanks to drawing on the image and a litlle text linked to it. Interaction and share of reactions is possible due to the comment section under the article.

Most of the images are referencing to sex and some are more striking than other. Only one doesn’t refer to sex and deals with the cartoon “Aladin”. At the beginning of the movie, his skin is black and at the end his skin is whiter, what could have racism references.

We cannot really measure the impact of these hidden sexual images in cartoon. It may explain that each generation is more and more free and emancipate. Or maybe it is just a way to keep adult are movie viewer? As a child, and even now, I never notice any kind of sexual references in disney cartoon. I do not think it needs to be hidden because now kids plays with make-up, the dolls are more and more provocative and they can watch the same things as adults.

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