This website focuses on subliminal images within cartoons and the most part are referencing to sexual images. The content is mixed: both images and videos are present, what is interesting because it’s diversified and not boring for the viewers.Images are clearly presentend in way we can easily understand what is the subliminal message.

Sometimes the author demonstrates that there is a misunderstanding in the subliminal message. For instance, in “the litlle Mermaid”, we don’t see an erection of the minister but just his knee. Another one which created some debates is the one on the “Lion King” in which the word “SEX” was supposed to appear in the stars. In fact, it is “SFX”, the initial of the members of the special effect team who wanted to let a mark within the movie.

However, when looking at ” Pocahontas”, many referencing to the word “sex” have been made intentionnally. But when looking at the video explaining that, I find that sometimes it is too much researched and the message is not all noticeable. In this case, you can find subliminal images everywhere!  It is like looking at the sky and giving the form you want to clouds.

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