I’m a little bit disappointed with this website because I really love cinema and I thought I could have discover many secrets but in this page, if you do not have seen the movies, you cannot see what are the subliminal images. It could be better and more interactive it there were images from the movies in which we could see what the author is talking about. It is not very easy to visualize the subliminal images that are in it. In this website, the fact that there is not illustration is a very big mistake because everything is based on it.

Then, as cinema is an art and everything is made on purpose, it would have been more interesting to add some explications about the subliminal images in the movies. For instance at the end of “Psycho”, the subliminal cut we see refers to the schizophrenia and illness of the main character. However you can discover some interesting facts on movies you have seen. For example, in Fight Club, Brad Pitt, as Tyler Durden, is presented to the plot several times into the film, but this introduction is in fact his seventh appearance in the movie.


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