Mind Powers News


It an interesting website showing in ten steps how subliminal images and messages are used in advertising to make consumers buy. By reading this article, we rapidly take conscious that we are manipulated everywhere and anywhere.

Some points are very striking and relevants, such as the ” Doctor-Patient Drug Kick Bags”, in which the author explains that the use of scientific or medical terms make people buy. Industries can even invent some disease, for example the Social Disorder Anxiety” to create and sell new products. It is true that in ads, for example for a anti-aging cream, they talk about THE new-super-perfect molecule that we make you younger. You have never heard about this molecule, but as advertisers use “scientific proofs”, of course it is true!! This is what is inserted in people’s mind and how the brand gain their confidence in the product.

Also, the use of music for example, can make people stay ” 18 %” longer in supermarket. Indeed, I always feel better in a shop when there is music… and I cannot really explain why.

This website doesn’t particularly deal with subliminal images but messages that can influence our minds.

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