Cremation of Care


It is an interesting website underlining subliminal images throughout different and various aspects : Politics, ads or cartoons. In this way, it clearly shows that subliminal images are everwhere to manipulate people’s mind in their way of acting, thinking or consuming. Some are referencing to sex, such as the subliminal message in Pepsi can : when you pile it up, you can see the word sex appearing. But it also study subliminal images in politics.

In political campaign, we are highly influenced by subliminal images and messages politician can use to have an impact on our way of thinkig. For instancem the DVD cover of Al Gores’ movie uses the subliminal image of the 11th of September to make people take conscious of the danger.  I think the way he uses this image is not proper manipulation but clearly a reference to the danger that could happen.

Despite the various range of subliminal images, the author should go further in his researches to propose a bigger amount of images because it is a little bit poorly furnished.

At the end of the pages, useful links and resources are offered by the website author so we can make further researches on the topic.

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