This website highlights different subliminal images that we can find in advertising in general, from brands logo or ads. It is clearly presented with an introduction and each ad are on different pages. However, there is not a wide range of ads (Only 10 examples) while subliminal images in advertising might be more present. Moreover, some subliminal images are not next to the text and you have to click on links (including some dead ones that can bring to ads).

It is interesting to see the diversity of subliminal messages within advertising or logo. However I do not think that some ads hide a subliminal images because we are aware of what it represents. For instance, the author talks about one Malboro ad showing an open road and large rock formations all around. There were no pictures of people smoking or cigarettes; just the landscape and slogan, “Big, Isn’t It.” We all know that it makes references to male virility. In this way it is not a real subliminal images that can manipulate us, just an idea and the image that advertisers people want to give.

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