This article intend to explain how subliminal images work. It uses a study led by a group of the University College in London.
Participants had to wear red-blue filter glasses that projected faint images of ordinary objects. The strong flashing image meant the participants were not consciously aware of the faint images projected on to the other eye. At the same time, they were asked to achieve easy tasks, such as picking out the letter T from a stream of letters.

Researchers found that during the easy task the brain registered the ‘invisible’ object although the participants were unaware they had seen it. But during the harder task, which required more concentration, the brain apparently doesn’t register  the subliminal image.Our brain memorize images when we are not busy. However, I wish this article could explain a bit more about the link with our consciousness.

I do believe that our brain can register and keep messages that we are not aware of but it can go out again when facing a problem or a trauma. As kids, we register so many things that we don’t remember when we are adults and yet we act generally depending on what we have seen or lived as a child.


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