Redice Creations


Advertisements are a part of our everydaylife. And because advertisers use constantly subliminal messages or images, we are all the time the target of these images. Our actual society allow us to have a kind of perfect and secure life. The preoccupations of the previous generations such as anger or thirst, and if they will leave tomorrow, are less important in our society. However, these deepest fears are still in our mind and advertisers take advantages of this.

Subliminal images are easily used in advertisements due to the graphic designers. The most efficient way to use subliminal images in ads is to embed it. Genitalia is one of the most often used images for embedding. For example, torso of a woamn in the Diet Coke is a perfect illustration of emebeded image. It appeals our original instinct.

Another technique used in advertising is low-intensity light and its auditory equivalent low-volume sound. For instance, you can see the word sex written in some advertising only if you look at it very well.

Despite the fact that subliminal images is forbidden, advertisers know many techniques that allow them to put subliminal images in their product packaging or ad to make us buy it instead of another product. This is why when buying a product we have to wonder why we buy this one : Never buy an item because of its packaging…


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