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Subliminal images are used in political campaigns and avertising to influence people’s mind.

A study led by cognitive scientist Ran Hassin of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Psychology Department has proven that subliminal images can impact on our way of thinking by use of symbols. In the research, Israeli volunteers had to fill a survey on a computer in which the Israeli flag was flashed in a subliminal way. Participants also had to do a test to rate them on an “Identification With Israeli Nationalism” (IWIN) scale, designed to identify their position on the national political spectrum.

The results proved that the images of the flag influenced people’s mind because those who have seen it on the unconscious level answered in a different way from those who were not exposed to the subliminal image.

It is the first one of the most important article dealing with the use of subliminal images in politics, and it is very complete because of its scientific references and observations. However, there is still a problem in these kinds of study made on human beings. Before having viewed these nationalist images, it may be possible that the participants were already nationalist. In this case, images are the consequence of nothing but only the original mind and way of thinking of participants.


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