Subliminal messages in advertising is used to influence consumers behaviour to make them buy. The easiest fields to use sbuliminal advertising are the movie and video industries.Scientific reports have shown that a simple flash of a product’s image in just a millisecond of time throughout an advertisement can create a stronger disposition towards purchasing the product. However, there is still some debate about the efficiency of subliminal advertising because studies have never proved that it really influences the consumer behaviour. Some advertisers tried in the past to increase their sales, for example with flashing the words “eat popcorn” on a movie screen in the cinema. Nowadays, advertisers try other way to put subliminal messages such as using color codes that can influence people’s mind towards a product or a brand.

It is not really surprising to learn that we are constantly blitzed by subliminal images and messages, that are not only hidden but sometimes we are really aware of it. We just have not conscious that it influences us in an obvious way. After having read this article, I took more importance to the colors of the packaging. And one thing stroke me : It is true that there is a real code for colors that will influence our way of consuming. For instance, chemistry product are generally blue. And I’m sure that if you see two similar product but one in blue and the other in yellow, you will certainly choose the blue one…

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