Before it’s News


Subliminal images are used in advertising but also in military and government. The goal of subliminal images is to insert in people’s mind a message, it is also used to lose weight or stop smoking. Scientific researches have proven that subliminal images refer to the concept of priming. Subliminal images can impact on emotions : A study made in 2012 demonstrated that presenting different smileys in flash images ( With different moods) have influenced the emotion linked to the words that followed.

In this way, subliminal images have two major uses. In advertising, adding flash images have been forbidden but other form of subliminal images appeared, as in Sex & the City, in which we see Carrie always typing on her Mac computer. In military fieldm the U.S. Air Force used subliminal images to make pilots easily recognize enemy aircraft during the WWII. They briefly flashed the images and corrected pilots’ answers until they were able to correctly identify enemy planes.

I really think that the use of subliminal images in Government and military can easily influence soldiers for example. Because in this case, people already think in the same way and are determined to achieve the same goal. Maybe it is why it works in military studies.

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