Subliminal Manipulation


This website shows how subliminal images are used in political fields and campaign to influence people’s mind. Subliminal images are not always used to make people act in a certain way but also to insert in their mind an idea that would influence their behaviour. This indirect message can be more useful that simply a message such as “eat popcorn”. An example that can confirm this idea is the one of Barack Obama who has been several times represented in the media with a kind of halo. This will put in people’s mind that he is a “savior”.

Politicians have always used kind of subliminal images to make them appear as they want throughout the media. In this way they can easily spread an idea into people’s mind but I don’t think we have to accuse them, but instead we have to accuse the media which easily “play the game”. The common sense also put ideas in people’s mind easily. In fact we are really impresionable by media and policitians just take advantage of this fact.


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