Business Insider


This website is very useful to study the use of subliminal images in advertising because it shows that it can appear in ad on billboardm TV, but also within movies. As an example, we can take the one of “Lord of the Ring” in which the Coca-Cola clearly appears and can take advantage of a real advertising in a movie seen by millions of people. I have already seen this movie and I have never noticed the word ” coca-cola ” written in the ring. It was really surprising to see that in this article. I don’t think it has a real influence on people’s mind, because when watching this movie, I never tried to read what was written… I think it is just a way for this brand to create a kind of buzz, when media will talk about this subliminal images after the movies, and so people will talk about it.

However we cannot consider some advertisements as containing hidden subliminal messages. Indeed, messages referencing to sex are not hidden but clearly made on purpose because we all know that sex makes people buy, For example, a Burger KIng ad in which we see a girl opening her mouth to eat a burger has not hidden messages, the reference to sex is clearly illustrate by the image.

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