The Guardian


This article focuses on the use of subliminal images in political campaign and especially the one that occured in the U.S in 2000, opponing Bush to Al Gore. Georges W. Bush was accused to put subliminally the word “rats” in a Republican political broadcast targeting Democratic health care proposals. He denied this information. Mr Castellano, the Republican campaigner responsible for producing the advertisment, stated that “rats” was supposed to be a part of “Bureaucrats”. However, “rats” was written bigger than the other letters of the word. The author of this ad was risponsible for another subliminal advertisement in politics in 1990., for the rightwing Republican senator for North Carolina, Jesse Helms. In this ad, he used racial imagery in a contest with a black businessman, Harvey Gant. At one point a white pair of hands receives a job rejection letter and crumples it up, but for a fraction of a second the letter fades to a picture of Mr Gant and the hands appear to be crushing his head.

This article is relevant in a way we see that politician can try to manipulate us.

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