Divine Caroline


In this article the author discuss the efficiency of subliminal messages on people’s mind. In 1957, a market researcher claimed that he flashed suggestive phrases in cinema during the playing of the film ( Such as “eat popcorn” ). The sales  increased, and the author of this declared that “subliminal advertising” was successful.

It sure that it was proven that subliminal images are registrered by our brain, without any awareness of it. But no studies can prove that it affects our decision-making. Some people would go as far as to say that subliminal messages are hidden in songs such as Hard rock or The beatles ones.

It may occur that subliminal messages is a myth, while we don’t have the proof it influences our behaviour.In 1978, the police in Kansas tried to convince a serial killer to turn himself in using subliminal messages. They created a commercial with the suggestion “Call the chief” spliced into the middle, to entice the person to come forward. It didn’t work, and he wasn’t arrested until 2005.

It is interesting to see another point of view about subliminal images that could probably not affect people’s way of acting.



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