Weird Twist


Subliminal images and messages work in a way it is registered by our unconscious mind and then transmitted to the conscious mind, the one that makes us act and think. University College London researchers have proved that  invisible subliminal images do attract the brain’s attention on a subconscious level. UCL researchers further stated that  subliminal advertising…certainly do leave their mark on the brain. They also found that negative subliminal messages impact our subconscious more so than positive messages: Fear vs. security for example. Subliminal images work in this way because it is the phenomenon as an evolutionary survival mechanism hardwired in us all, states the professor Nilli Lavie. This could explain why there are many subliminal images related to pornography or death : to make react human instinct. We can easily confirm this fact when we see the influence of TV on children. They keep in mind violence scene more than the gentle ones, and easily repeat it. So it certainly work in the same way on adult’s brain.


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