Life’s Little Mysteries


The question on the efficiency about subliminal images is still largely debated. It functions in a way our brain register its at an unconscious level, without being aware of it. Flashing words and images very fast in a way we cannot see apparently influence us because our brain register these messages. It began in the 1950’s, when a marketing experiment flashed the message “Drink Coca-Cola” in a cinema and correlated this to increased Coke sales in that area. There is no scientific proof about this use. This website deals more with questionning the efficiency of subliminal images than proving how it works. And it is very interesting to wonder if subliminal images really work. It is easy to prove with scanning IRM that our brain react to subliminal images. But how can we prove that it influences our behaviour? Because human beings do not work like machines, it is hard to determine what really influence our mind.


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