Subliminal messages, and consequently subliminal images influences us by playing on emotions. Subliminal stimuli can exist through different forms such as auditive or visual. The visual based subliminal messages are images which are quickly flashed before the brain has time to process them, or are flashed and masked, which also interrupts processing by the brain. Subliminal messages began to be controversial in the 1950′, when advertisers began to use it in order to improve the sales.

Subliminal images work in a way it make our brain react. However, the question about its influence on our behavior is still debated through scientists and psychologist because it is very hard to prove it. It makes me really afraid of how media and advertising may manipulate us. However, it does not need to be subliminal images to affect our brain and behaviour. Indeed, we are manipulated anytime and anywhere by all our surroundings, in the street, on the TV, on the Internet. Advertisement just make react our feeling and emotions to make us prefer one brand from another, and this fact is generally made without subliminal images but just pictures or slogan that can appeal our basic human instinct.


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