Subliminal images are defined as images hidden behind other images. In this way, our brain perceives it but we are not aware of this at a conscious level. It seems that this website is a real advert for videotape with subliminal messages… and when you see at the end the links towards “Amazon”, you understand why!
But anyway, let keep focus on the content of this website. I am a little bit doubting about the relevance of this website about explaining how subliminal images or messages work. According to the author, it obviously work but there is no real sources, references or scientific study. For example, it is said that subliminal enhancement can boost learning. “Graduate students received, the underlying statistics or extension to their classes, be better for their final exams than students who received neutral messages”. It highlights the fact that  that subliminal messages that have helped students feel good actually increased learning. However there is no date, no school name or researchers references about this study. As we can find anything on the Internet, this website is not relevant at all because they can say anything about how subliminal images or messages work.


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