Blogging the Brain


According to the University College, London people only register the images if the brain had “spare capacity”. A study has been led to prove this fact. Participants had to wear red-blue filter glasses that projected faint images of ordinary objects on to one eye and a strong flashing image on the other.

The strong flashing image meant the participants were not consciously aware of the faint images projected on to the other eye. At the same time, they had to achieve some easy tasks. It was proven, due to MRI brain scanning, that when performing easy taks, images were registered by the brain. However, when tasks became more difficult, it has less impact on the part of the brain risponsible for unconscious mind. This article explains very well how subliminal images work and influence people’s brain.

It is very interesting to see the functionning of subliminal messages and in fact it is not surprising that it works better when  people are not busy. Even if it explains how it works to be registered by our brain, it does not explain how it could influence our consciousness.


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