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Advertisements are a part of our everydaylife. And because advertisers use constantly subliminal messages or images, we are all the time the target of these images. Our actual society allow us to have a kind of perfect and secure life. The preoccupations of the previous generations such as anger or thirst, and if they will leave tomorrow, are less important in our society. However, these deepest fears are still in our mind and advertisers take advantages of this.

Subliminal images are easily used in advertisements due to the graphic designers. The most efficient way to use subliminal images in ads is to embed it. Genitalia is one of the most often used images for embedding. For example, torso of a woamn in the Diet Coke is a perfect illustration of emebeded image. It appeals our original instinct.

Another technique used in advertising is low-intensity light and its auditory equivalent low-volume sound. For instance, you can see the word sex written in some advertising only if you look at it very well.

Despite the fact that subliminal images is forbidden, advertisers know many techniques that allow them to put subliminal images in their product packaging or ad to make us buy it instead of another product. This is why when buying a product we have to wonder why we buy this one : Never buy an item because of its packaging…



Science Central


Subliminal images are used in political campaigns and avertising to influence people’s mind.

A study led by cognitive scientist Ran Hassin of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Psychology Department has proven that subliminal images can impact on our way of thinking by use of symbols. In the research, Israeli volunteers had to fill a survey on a computer in which the Israeli flag was flashed in a subliminal way. Participants also had to do a test to rate them on an “Identification With Israeli Nationalism” (IWIN) scale, designed to identify their position on the national political spectrum.

The results proved that the images of the flag influenced people’s mind because those who have seen it on the unconscious level answered in a different way from those who were not exposed to the subliminal image.

It is the first one of the most important article dealing with the use of subliminal images in politics, and it is very complete because of its scientific references and observations. However, there is still a problem in these kinds of study made on human beings. Before having viewed these nationalist images, it may be possible that the participants were already nationalist. In this case, images are the consequence of nothing but only the original mind and way of thinking of participants.




Subliminal messages in advertising is used to influence consumers behaviour to make them buy. The easiest fields to use sbuliminal advertising are the movie and video industries.Scientific reports have shown that a simple flash of a product’s image in just a millisecond of time throughout an advertisement can create a stronger disposition towards purchasing the product. However, there is still some debate about the efficiency of subliminal advertising because studies have never proved that it really influences the consumer behaviour. Some advertisers tried in the past to increase their sales, for example with flashing the words “eat popcorn” on a movie screen in the cinema. Nowadays, advertisers try other way to put subliminal messages such as using color codes that can influence people’s mind towards a product or a brand.

It is not really surprising to learn that we are constantly blitzed by subliminal images and messages, that are not only hidden but sometimes we are really aware of it. We just have not conscious that it influences us in an obvious way. After having read this article, I took more importance to the colors of the packaging. And one thing stroke me : It is true that there is a real code for colors that will influence our way of consuming. For instance, chemistry product are generally blue. And I’m sure that if you see two similar product but one in blue and the other in yellow, you will certainly choose the blue one…




It is very surprising to learn that subliminal  images can be used to change people’s mind to make them better. After having influenced the unconscious mind without awareness, subliminal images would impact on the conscious mind for long. It is necessary to take into consideration the kind of images you will use. Depending on the fact that it is a positive or negative image, it will obviously impact on your mind in the same way. To get success, it is necessary to use positive subliminal images to influence your unconscious mind before the conscious one.

I heard a lot before reading this article that our brain is very powerful because it can have a real influence on us depending what we want. The mental mind can have important impact on us.


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Subliminal images are used in advertising but also in military and government. The goal of subliminal images is to insert in people’s mind a message, it is also used to lose weight or stop smoking. Scientific researches have proven that subliminal images refer to the concept of priming. Subliminal images can impact on emotions : A study made in 2012 demonstrated that presenting different smileys in flash images ( With different moods) have influenced the emotion linked to the words that followed.

In this way, subliminal images have two major uses. In advertising, adding flash images have been forbidden but other form of subliminal images appeared, as in Sex & the City, in which we see Carrie always typing on her Mac computer. In military fieldm the U.S. Air Force used subliminal images to make pilots easily recognize enemy aircraft during the WWII. They briefly flashed the images and corrected pilots’ answers until they were able to correctly identify enemy planes.

I really think that the use of subliminal images in Government and military can easily influence soldiers for example. Because in this case, people already think in the same way and are determined to achieve the same goal. Maybe it is why it works in military studies.


Subliminal Manipulation


This website shows how subliminal images are used in political fields and campaign to influence people’s mind. Subliminal images are not always used to make people act in a certain way but also to insert in their mind an idea that would influence their behaviour. This indirect message can be more useful that simply a message such as “eat popcorn”. An example that can confirm this idea is the one of Barack Obama who has been several times represented in the media with a kind of halo. This will put in people’s mind that he is a “savior”.

Politicians have always used kind of subliminal images to make them appear as they want throughout the media. In this way they can easily spread an idea into people’s mind but I don’t think we have to accuse them, but instead we have to accuse the media which easily “play the game”. The common sense also put ideas in people’s mind easily. In fact we are really impresionable by media and policitians just take advantage of this fact.



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This website is very useful to study the use of subliminal images in advertising because it shows that it can appear in ad on billboardm TV, but also within movies. As an example, we can take the one of “Lord of the Ring” in which the Coca-Cola clearly appears and can take advantage of a real advertising in a movie seen by millions of people. I have already seen this movie and I have never noticed the word ” coca-cola ” written in the ring. It was really surprising to see that in this article. I don’t think it has a real influence on people’s mind, because when watching this movie, I never tried to read what was written… I think it is just a way for this brand to create a kind of buzz, when media will talk about this subliminal images after the movies, and so people will talk about it.

However we cannot consider some advertisements as containing hidden subliminal messages. Indeed, messages referencing to sex are not hidden but clearly made on purpose because we all know that sex makes people buy, For example, a Burger KIng ad in which we see a girl opening her mouth to eat a burger has not hidden messages, the reference to sex is clearly illustrate by the image.


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The purpose of this article is to explain how subliminal images are used in advertising and politics. Even if we are not aware of the subliminal images, our brain register it and this is how it can influence us in our choice. Scientists at the University College London have led experiments on people to show that subliminal images are more noticed by our brain when we are not busy. As a consequence it is logical that when watching TV, we are subject to memorize it ! As an example, in 1958, the author uses the Vicary experiments with popcorn and coke subliminal messages in a movie theater and proves by this study that it has certainly worked on people’s mind.

Subliminal images are still debated by scientists but the author of this website asks a relevant question. Why would million of dollars spent in the advertising campaign of Bush in 2000 if it doesn’t work?


The Guardian


This article focuses on the use of subliminal images in political campaign and especially the one that occured in the U.S in 2000, opponing Bush to Al Gore. Georges W. Bush was accused to put subliminally the word “rats” in a Republican political broadcast targeting Democratic health care proposals. He denied this information. Mr Castellano, the Republican campaigner responsible for producing the advertisment, stated that “rats” was supposed to be a part of “Bureaucrats”. However, “rats” was written bigger than the other letters of the word. The author of this ad was risponsible for another subliminal advertisement in politics in 1990., for the rightwing Republican senator for North Carolina, Jesse Helms. In this ad, he used racial imagery in a contest with a black businessman, Harvey Gant. At one point a white pair of hands receives a job rejection letter and crumples it up, but for a fraction of a second the letter fades to a picture of Mr Gant and the hands appear to be crushing his head.

This article is relevant in a way we see that politician can try to manipulate us.


Mind Powers News


It an interesting website showing in ten steps how subliminal images and messages are used in advertising to make consumers buy. By reading this article, we rapidly take conscious that we are manipulated everywhere and anywhere.

Some points are very striking and relevants, such as the ” Doctor-Patient Drug Kick Bags”, in which the author explains that the use of scientific or medical terms make people buy. Industries can even invent some disease, for example the Social Disorder Anxiety” to create and sell new products. It is true that in ads, for example for a anti-aging cream, they talk about THE new-super-perfect molecule that we make you younger. You have never heard about this molecule, but as advertisers use “scientific proofs”, of course it is true!! This is what is inserted in people’s mind and how the brand gain their confidence in the product.

Also, the use of music for example, can make people stay ” 18 %” longer in supermarket. Indeed, I always feel better in a shop when there is music… and I cannot really explain why.

This website doesn’t particularly deal with subliminal images but messages that can influence our minds.