Planet Perplex


This website deals with subliminal images referencing to sex that you can find within advertisements, cartoons or logo. It is really striking that it could be everywher and above all in cartoons such as “the rescuers” in which there is a naked woman standing front of a window. We can see it by zooming a lot and it’s hard to see it when you look at the characters. But it is the principle of subliminal images.  Another example is the one of a Coca Cola ad in which there is an image referencing to a sexual act hidden in ice cubes. This last was advertised in Australia and the author of this ad was fired even if he denied saying it was supposed representing the bottle of Coke.

You can leave comment or rate pictures. However images are old and not very current. Hardly be able to believe that there are no longer subliminal images in our days…


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